Thursday, 9 August 2007

signing off

I'll be on the road and away from the computer(probably) for the next few days, road tripping with my mom (umma), younger brother (nam dong seng), sam chon (uncle), and hal muh ni (grandmother) down the West Coast of Korea.

Two of my good friends here, Kaila and Jane, as well as the rest of the Light Fellows from Yale, won a week-and-a-half trip all over Korea sponsored by SK Telecom(one of the main cell phone service providers here) , so I'm a little jealous, but this should be fun. Last night, we shared some parting bing sus (traditional Korean summer dessert) at Milky Road, again, our favorite yogurt place. As happened last summer, bing su has frequently taken the place of dinner in both our budgets and stomachs.

Before: Jane topped her bing su(traditionally just ice, but Milky Road gives you yogurt, too!) with bat (red bean), sesame ice cream, creme de cacao, and blueberries; I, with strawberries, blueberries, cereal, and duk(kind of like mochi)

After: Love the face, Jane

(also, note: my hair is currently in a wonderful state of being)

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