Sunday, 29 July 2007

Do You Know

Now, I agree with the New York Times 's official decision that Rihanna's "Umbrella" is the song of the summer(did you hear she's starting her own line of them?!).
In fact, I agree so much that I listened to "Umbrella" on repeat for a full 3 days after first hearing it at a San Diego club, added "Rihanna deflecting water" to my facebook interests, and have decided that "Rihanna-painted-silver" is a finalist for my Halloween costume this year(how else can I outdo last year's K-Fed)?

But, last weekend, my friend, Victor, introduced me to what is now another personal favorite song of the summer: Enrique Iglesias's Do You Know(Ping Pong Song):

In the subsuquent google-stalking that follows any new song/celebrity obsession, I discovered a few interesting things:

1. Enrique is not that great of a live singer/performer(I especially like the, "here we go! Uh!"):

2. He recently got his trademark mole("entertainment’s most famous blemish," says The Sun) removed because it was "cancerous." Not because that was an easier solution than continuing to tell photographers they could only shoot from his left side or strategically blocking the mole with his hand.

3. Yup--he's half-Asian! Or half APA to be exact. Enrique is the son of famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias and Filipina socialite Isabel Preysler. Additional google-stalking led to the discover of this interview exchange:

R: Melanie Brown also e-mailed into us last night, and she says she was lucky enough to meet you in London last January, when you were here. She's obviously one of your dedicated fans. And you told her that you speak, is this right, Tagalog? Tegalog?
E: Ah Tagalog.

R: What is it? And were you telling her the truth?
E: Oh Tagalog, no because I am part Filipino.

R: Yeah.
E: And in the Philippines they speak Tagalog, but I don't really speak Tagalog. Did I say I spoke Tagalog?

R: So she says.
E: No I don't think I, no oh maybe, oh I'm sorry if I did. I'm a stup~d li@r sometimes.

R: I wanted to know what it was, because I never heard the word.
E: No that's why because I'm part Filipino.

R: Fantastic.
E: I don't look Filipino, but I am.

And this is a good stopping point for a future personal post: Mixed-Race in White Face.

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